DPSE began its activity back in 2008 as Coordinator, Manager and Developer in partnership of projects located in Panama and all America´s countries and Caribbean around, applying European Solutions.

Hence, DPSE acquires its initials from our slogan in Spanish “Project Development with European Solutions”, in Spanish “Desarrollo de Proyectos con Soluciones Europeas”.

Today we offer, Complete International Specialized Consulting, and Extensive Resources, adapted to each case, worldwide. We have clients spread on five continents, they are ready to invest, in development projects, private and / or government, which is why, since December 8, 2017, under the registration of the German Chamber of Commerce HRA49912, the Board of Directors, of DPSE Business Expor-Import eK, decides to relocate the Central Offices, in one of the neuralgic axes of finance, and the European Bank, in the center of Frankfurt am Maim, Germany, exactly in Bockenheimer Landstrasse 17/19, Excellent Business Center.

Who are our Clients?

  • If your organization owns, or has access to, a private or government project, we are READY TO PARTNER, and help you manage the required capital, with a competitive interest rate, and we provide:
  • Specialized working group, involved in the development of finance, commerce, banking and related laws, worldwide, united in a single team, under the same umbrella, the DPSE brand.
  • Different categories of development projects: Industrial, infrastructure, real estate, with priority over, clean, and / or renewable energy.
  • Confidentiality protocols, comparable to those used in the banking sector, indicated by the European Central Bank program, and the American Regulatory Authorities. Guaranteeing the total discretion, confidentiality, and good use of the information exchanged.
  • Individualized analysis of each project, by specialized teams, adapting the response to the project, and under strict development of Due Diligence. The immediacy depends on the completion of the required documentation, form of guarantee and the client’s attorney.

Our team

Our Team is made up of professionals, with many years of experience, specialized in interpreting the documentation, taking advantage of the efforts to qualify, to search for the necessary approach, in the projects that allow to meet the requirements demanded by the market, and validate them.

Our Approach

We offer personalized attention, supervised by senior managers, to achieve the success of everyone, on a “Habitable Planet”. Based on four fundamental pillars: Efficiency, Security, Sustainability and Humanity.

  • Efficacy: For being practical, and avoiding bureaucracy, learned from the German influence.
  • Security: Provided by the European Legal System. Based on the principle of “Pari passu”.
  • Sustainability: By prioritizing and focusing projects on a Circular Economy.
  • Humanity: Focusing business, positively, on people.

Group Code of Ethics: General Rules.

  • Protection of the company’s assets and business opportunities.
  • Mutual respect, between the companies of the group, and prohibition of discrimination.
  • Prohibition to participate in illegitimate political activities.
  • Ethics on customers, shareholders, executives and employees and vendors.

Main banks with which we operate:

Frankfurter Volksbank eGBörsenstrasse 7-11,

60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

DZ BANK AGDeutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank,

60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Deutsche Bank AGTaunusanlage 12,

60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Barclays Bank Ireland PLC,Frankfurt Branch. TaunusTurm Taunustor 1

60310 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

HSBC Holdings BankFrankfurt Branch, Taunusanlage 1

60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Our Group (hereinafter, DPSE GROUP)

  • DPSE Business Export-Import, eK, Germany (headquarters)
  • DPSE Spanish Projects, S.L. Spain.
  • DPSE Business Export-Import Ltd, UK
  • DPSE Finance Ltd, UK
  • DPSE Canada Export-Import Limited, Canada.